Leonardo DiCaprio Effing Loves to Citi Bike — PHOTO

There are a few things we know to be true about Leonardo DiCaprio: he had the most attractive “awkward stage” we’ve ever seen, he should have won an Oscar by now, and Kate Winslet never should have let him go. And now we can add another important item to the list: the man f**king loves to Citi Bike. 

Since New York City launched its bike-sharing program in May, DiCaprio has been seen astride the brilliant blue frame numerous times. And it’s awesome. What can he say? Leo cares about the environment. Here’s your photographic proof:

September 4, 2013
Leonardo diCaprioSplash News

August 28, 2013 — Actor/friend Lukas Haas likes a little Citi Bike, too.
Leonardo diCaprio, Lucas HassSplash News

August 19, 2013
Leonardo DiCaprioSplash News

And later that day…
Leonardo diCaprioSplash News

And there you have it, folks. Leonardo DiCaprio making socialist transportation movements attractive, one blue bicyle at a time. 

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