Leonor Silveira

Born: 10/28/1970


Actor (18)

Gebo and the Shadow 2014 (Movie)

Sofia (Actor)

The Strange Case of Angelica 2010 (Movie)

The Mother (Actor)

Magic Mirror 2007 (Movie)

Alfreda (Actor)

A Talking Picture 2004 (Movie)

Rosa Maria (Actor)

Espelho Magico 2004 (Movie)

Alfreda (Actor)

I'm Going Home 2002 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

The Uncertainty Principle 2002 (Movie)


Word and Utopia 2001 (Movie)

Queen Christina (Actor)

Oporto of My Childhood 2000 (Movie)


The Letter 1999 (Movie)

The Nun (Actor)

Inquietude 1998 (Movie)

Suzy (Actor)

Voyage to the Beginning of the World 1998 (Movie)

Judite (Actor)

Party 1997 (Movie)

Leonor (Actor)

The Convent 1995 (Movie)

Piedade (Actor)

The Valley of Abraham 1993 (Movie)

Ema Cardeano (Actor)

The Divine Comedy 1991 (Movie)

Eve (Actor)

Os Canibais 1988 (Movie)

Marguerite (Actor)