Leslie Cheung

Actor, Singer, Producer
Born: 09/11/1956 in Hong Kong


Actor (26)

Ashes of Time Redux 2008 (Movie)

Ouyang Feng (Actor)

Cheong Wong 2000 (Movie)

Nick (Actor)

Knock Off 1998 (Movie)

Young Worker (Actor)

Anna Magdalena 1997 (Movie)


Happy Together 1997 (Movie)

Ho Po-Wing (Actor)

Temptress Moon 1997 (Movie)

Yu Zhongliang (Actor)

Days of Being Wild 1996 (Movie)

Yuddy (Actor)

Who's The Woman, Who's The Man 1996 (Movie)

Sam Koo (Actor)

Ashes of Time 1995 (Movie)

Ou-yang Feng (Actor)

San Seunghoi Tan 1995 (Movie)

Hsu Wen-chiang--Tom (Actor)

The Phantom Lover 1995 (Movie)

Song Danping (Actor)

Viva Erotica 1995 (Movie)

Sing--Movie Director (Actor)

Once A Thief 1994 (Movie)

Jim (Actor)

The Bride With White Hair 1994 (Movie)

Zhou Yihang (Actor)

Farewell My Concubine 1993 (Movie)

Cheng Dieyi (Actor)

He's a Woman, She's a Man 1993 (Movie)

Ming (Actor)

The Bride With White Hair II 1993 (Movie)

Zhou (Actor)

The Chinese Feast 1993 (Movie)

Sun (Actor)

The Eagle Shooting Heroes: Dong Cheng Xi Jiu 1993 (Movie)

Wang Yao-shih (Actor)

A Better Tomorrow 1991 (Movie)

Kit Sung (Actor)

A Chinese Ghost Story 1991 (Movie)

Ning Tsai-Shen (Actor)

A Chinese Ghost Story II 1990 (Movie)

Ning (Actor)

Rouge 1990 (Movie)

Twelfth Master Chan Chen-Pang (Actor)

A Better Tomorrow II 1987 (Movie)


The Drummer 1981 (Movie)


Encore (Movie)

Director (1)

Who's The Woman, Who's The Man 1996 (Movie)

2nd unit director (Director)


University of Leeds