Leslie Fenton

Director, Actor
Born: 03/12/1902 in Liverpool, England, GB


Actor (29)

Boys Town 1937 (Movie)

Dan Farrow (Actor)

Guilty Generation 1930 (Movie)


The Public Enemy 1930 (Movie)

Samuel 'Nails' Nathan (Actor)

Dynamite 1928 (Movie)

Young 'Vulture' (Actor)

The Office Scandal 1928 (Movie)


Air Mail (Movie)

Tony Dressler (Actor)

Broadway (Movie)

Scar Edwards (Actor)

East Lynne (Movie)


East of Java (Movie)

Wong Bo (Actor)

First Kiss (Movie)

Carol Talbot (Actor)

Fugitive Road (Movie)

Frank Riker (Actor)

Girls Gone Wild (Movie)

Boogs (Actor)

I Believe in You (Movie)

Russell Storm (Actor)

Lady Killer (Movie)

Duke (Actor)

Marie Galante (Movie)

Tanoki (Actor)

Pagan Lady (Movie)

Jerry Willis (Actor)

Star of Midnight (Movie)

Tim Winthrop (Actor)

Stolen Harmony (Movie)

Joe Harris (Actor)

Strange Wives (Movie)

Svengaart (Actor)

Take the Stand (Movie)


The Dragnet (Movie)

Shakespeare (Actor)

The Hatchet Man (Movie)

Harry En Hai (Actor)

The House of Secrets (Movie)

Barry Wilding (Actor)

The Man I Love (Movie)

Carlo Vesper (Actor)

The Showdown (Movie)

Kilgore Shelton (Actor)

Thunder Below (Movie)

Webb (Actor)

Thunder Mountain (Movie)

Sam Martin (Actor)

What Price Glory? (Movie)

Lt. Moore (Actor)

Woman Trap (Movie)

Eddie Evans (Actor)
Director (9)

Pardon My Past (Movie)


Saigon (Movie)


Streets of Laredo (Movie)


Stronger Than Desire (Movie)


Tell No Tales (Movie)


The Golden Fleecing (Movie)


The Redhead and the Cowboy (Movie)


The Saint's Vacation (Movie)


Whispering Smith (Movie)

Producer (1)

Pardon My Past (Movie)



Ann Dvorak

married 1932-45


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