Let’s All Instagram-Stalk the Hot Male Models from the Genius ‘Cats and Abs’ Video

Cats and Abs, CJ Richards, Instagramcjrichardsnyc/instagram

If you haven’t seen Cosmopolitan’s Cats + Abs music video yet, your life is so incomplete it’s not even funny. And you will not be taken seriously by the rest of us who have seen it because, honestly, what are we supposed to talk about with you? Please, dear interweb friend, get your life in order.

And now that you’ve had your fill of kittens and abs (it’s okay if you haven’t had your fill, and have already started watching the video again, and therefore aren’t even reading this right now), here are the lovely boys attached to the abs you just met. Commence Instagram-stalking now:

CJ Richards

With or without the beard CJ could totally get it. He makes music, he loves avocado, and he knows that real men listen to TLC’s Crazy, Sexy, Cool album.

Eduardo Ramos

Okay, maybe it’s weird that we chose this picture, but be honest — is there anything cuter (other than cats + abs) than a guy posing with his tia abuela (great aunt)? Exactly.

Jason Cameron

So. There’s also that to deal with. 


Also, in case your feeling some sort of bizarre guilt for participating in the objectification of these hot male models, remember it’s all for a good cause. You can adopt one of those cats at the Humane Society 🙂