Levi Johnston Has Gotten Another Girl Pregnant: Report

Levi JohnstonLevi Johnston, America’s favorite babydaddy, has gotten another girl pregnant, according to TMZ. (UPDATE: Johnston himself has confirmed the news to Us.) The gossip site says that Johnston, a walking cure for infertility, put a bun in the oven of 20-year-old school teacher Sunny Oglesby. Now, we’re sure she’s a very nice lady, but her Christian name is Sunny Oglesby? Is she some sort of character in a British soap opera? And how is she 20 and a school teacher? Did she skip a grade? If she skipped a grade, how was she so dumb as to sleep with Alaskan super stud Levi Johnston without protection? That’s like taking an AA attendee to the Jersey Shore house.

Apparently Sunny is less than three months along and lives in Wasilla, Alaska, which is like the Peyton Place of the new millennium. We wish the mother and the baby great health.

Our wonderful Levi rose to prominence as the father of Bristol Palin’s as-yet-unborn son when her mother Sarah Palin was running for Vice President during the 2008 election. While Bristol went to go on to dance with stars and strangely stump for abstinence, her ex tried to capitalize on his fame with a naked spread in Playgirl magazine, a tell-all about his life with the Palins, and even an appearance on Kathy Griffin’s reality show My Life on the D-List. None of his career choices have been very successful and no one wanted to buy a proposed reality show where he ran for mayor of Wasilla.

His relationship with the Palins has been strained for a long time and he claims they keep him away from his son, Tripp. Now he’ll have another baby — and another babymomma — to love. Unstoppable Levi soldiers on, fighting the good fight and loving, loving, loving until his heart can love anymore.