Liam Neeson’s Cameo in ‘The Hangover Part II’ Has Been Cut

liam neesonWhen the trailer for The Hangover Part II came out, we did not see anything regarding Liam Neeson‘s cameo as the Bangkok tattoo artist (who we assumed was responsible for Ed Helms’ incredible Mike Tyson tattoo). We accepted this though, because it wasn’t like Todd Phillips was going to put the most exciting parts of the movie in the trailer — especially since he knows we’re going to see it anyway and it’s not like he has to do anything fancy in order to get us to show up in the theaters. But it turns out that unfortunately, Liam Neeson’s cameo in the movie was cut. Variety reported the reason for its removal, and it was because Phillips wanted to re-shoot the scene, but Neeson was not available. So the role was then handed off to Nick Cassavetes, who just gave Lindsay Lohan a job in his upcoming Gotti movie. But quite honestly, I think Phillips could have tried a little harder and taken a second jab at getting Clinton.

Source: E!