Liam Payne Keeps Changing His Twitter Name And It Has Everyone Guessing

Liam Payne is having some fun on Twitter. Depending on his mood (or fangirl status) he changes his official Twitter name. Which makes us wonder: does anyone really know Liam? Better yet, who will he be next?

The original name:

On a normal day, he’s just Liam Payne (the hugely successful, talented, mega pop-star-slash-leader of One Direction).

The second name – Mrs. Horan:

Last week, Liam let his inner fangirl out for the whole world to see. Apparently, no one is a bigger “Niall Girl” than Liam. I’d argue him on that, but instead I’m just going to laugh at these tweets.

The third name – Liam Payne The Baker:

After a quick stop into Cake Boss in Hoboken, NJ, Liam became a certified baker. Not sure how much time he has to dedicate to his baking, since he’s on a world tour right now, but I’d love to see what he can make.

Liam’s Twitter fans noticed the change as well and started questioning things:

The fourth name – The Man In Black:

This new change has people guessing if we’ll ever know Liam’s true identity:

Liam, what will it be next? I’m hoping for something rap or dance related. Or maybe Liam Payne The Cat Hoarder? Comment what you think he’ll be next below!