Lights Out: How To Stay Entertained During Hurricane Sandy

ALTAs Hurricane Sandy (or, if we’re staying in the spirit of the media here, Frankenstorm) makes its way towards the Northeast, the millions of people in its dangerous path are preparing for the possibility of going days without power. While this provides many scary, possibly life-threatening prospects that are not to be taken lightly, there’s also a minor inconvenience to consider: sheer boredom. With no electricity, there’s no TV, and, eventually no Internet. No TV and no Internet will make most of us caught in the storm go a little something something after a while. 

So what is there to do when you can’t watch the 19th consecutive hour of coverage on The Weather Channel or queue up your instant watch on Netflix? Surprisingly, more than you think. Keep in mind, we’re only suggesting that you enjoy these pop culture boredom fixes in moderation. Don’t waste battery life from your flashlight or burn down all your candles in order to read the latest issue of People. When it comes to natural disasters of this scope it’s safety first, entertainment second. With that in mind, here’s some things to keep you occupied when Sandy makes you want to cry this from the rooftops.. 
Finally finish that book you brought to the beach: Never got around to the ending of Gone Girl or Beautiful Ruins? Now’s the time! That said, whatever you do, don’t read it on the beach now. In fact, read it as far away from the beach as humanly possible. Hurricane reading silver lining? You can put away your Fifty Shades of Grey disguise and read it with no shame in the comfort of your own home. 
Start an a cappella group: Glee fans in the Northeast will more than likely miss Tuesday night’s new episode, but that doesn’t mean stranded, TV-less Gleeks can’t feel like the New Directions gang. Get your friends, family members, or neighbors to start an a cappella group and belt out some hurricane-related tunes like Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising” and Scorpion’s “Rock You Like A Hurricane.” An entertaining and, hopefully, harmonious distraction. 
Have a healthy debate about the Best Pop Culture Sandy: Sandy from Grease? Sandy Bullock? Sandy Cohen from The O.C.? Sandy Rivers from How I Met Your Mother? Don’t forget to state your case, share your evidence, and don’t even think about picking Hurricane Sandy. She’s the worst. 
Top Chef: Hurricane Snacks Edition: Turn your storm junk food into your own reality show by having competitions and challenges. Who can make the most decorative fruit snacks plate or the tallest Pringles tower? Actually, you can do the same thing with your summer clothes. Put on a Project Runway fashion show with a hurricane-inspired challenge. 
Celebrate All Hallow’s Eve: Now that Halloween might not happen for millions of people in the region, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same activities. Sure, you can’t watch your favorite horror flick, but you can paint pumpkins, tell scary stories, and practice the “Thriller” dance. 
How do you plan to keep busy during the storm? Share your ideas in the comments section. 
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