Lil Wayne Goes Controversial for ‘How to Love’ Video

lil wayneThere’s nothing like the release of a new music video to help get us through the week. Lil Wayne debuted the video for his single How to Love on Wednesday and boy is it loaded with dramatic and emotional topics. The artist manages to include in his 5 minute video a visit to an abortion clinic, domestic abuse, an HIV diagnosis and a glimpse into a stripper’s world — whew.

The song, off of Wayne’s upcoming ninth album Tha Carter IV, describes a troubled woman who never learned—you guessed it—how to love.The song has a relatively slower beat, so you won’t be fist-pumping on the dance floor to it, but it provides powerful lyrics that deal with some serious, real life issues.

The video shows the woman grew up in an abusive household and grows up to become a stripper (gotta love those daddy issues), which ends up leading her down a dark and twisted road. Some of the lyrics include, “You had a lot of crooks try to steal your heart, never really had luck, could never figure out how to love.”

The most interesting part of the video though is how it explores what the woman’s life would have been like if things had gone in a completely different direction, which I found really creative and powerful. I’m highly impressed with Wayne’s ability to open up and explore such deep topics, proving that you don’t need to be a country crooner to sing (or rap) about pain, loss, and love. Wayne will release his full album digitally at midnight on August 29, after MTV’s Video Music Awards. If he’s selling, then I’m buying. See for yourself:

Source: THR