Linda Frobos


Art Department (11)

Team America: World Police 2004 (Movie)

(Chiodo Bros Productions Inc) (Sculptor)

My Favorite Martian 1999 (Movie)

sculptor (Art Department)

Starship Troopers 1997 (Movie)

sculptor(Amalgamated Dynamics Inc) (Art Department)

Michael 1996 (Movie)

feather sculptor(Amalgamated Dynamics Inc) (Art Department)

Seven 1995 (Movie)

key artist (Art Department)

The Puppet Masters 1994 (Movie)

sculptor (Art Department)

Darkman 1990 (Movie)

sculptor (Art Department)

Masters of the Universe 1987 (Movie)

sculptor (Art Department)

My Science Project 1985 (Movie)

miniature prop effects (Props)

Dune 1984 (Movie)

Suit Construction (Art Department)

Ghostbusters 1984 (Movie)

staypuft sculptor (Art Department)
Visual Effects & Animation (3)

Earth 2 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)

Special Effects

Demolition Man 1993 (Movie)

special body effects crew (Special Effects)

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids 1989 (Movie)

miniatures sculptor (Miniatures)
Physical Effects (2)

Wolf 1994 (Movie)

animatronic wolf effects (Animatronics)

Beetlejuice 1988 (Movie)

lead puppet sculptor(makeup and creature effects) (Puppets Construction)
Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (1)

Spacehunter 1983 (Movie)

(Special Makeup Effects)
Other (1)

Tremors 1990 (Movie)

creature effects art crew member (Production)