Lindsay Lohan Agrees To Pose For ‘Playboy’

The impossible has finally happened — Lindsay Lohan got a job! While this might come as a shock to some (all) people, it should also be noted that this is NOT an acting gig. TMZ reports the actress is joining Hugh Hefner‘s ranks and will pose for Playboy at the low cost of nearly one million dollars. I think we can all agree this was the next inevitable step in her rather illustrious career. Lindsay turned down the magazine’s initial offer of $750,000, but agreed upon a figure a little closer to her asking price (you know, because she’s earned the right to be picky). Sources claim the photo shoot started over the weekend, which means the starlet was juggling her court ordered morgue duties with posing for Hef (add multitasking to this girl’s resume). Lindsay is slated to appear in the January issue, but don’t expect to see the star bare all in the magazine because a source claims Lindsay will be clothed.

As usual, Lindsay’s rep is very vague about the issue, stating, “I can neither confirm or deny at this time,” but you know it’s more than likely true. I can definitely see her jumping at an offer like this since, let’s face it, she’s not getting better offers anywhere else. Plus, by now she should be used to getting her picture taken after so many countless photo shoots (yes, I’m lumping her five stunning jail headshots into that category as well), so this should be a piece of cake for her. The real question is, why is the magazine willing to shell out so much money for the Hollywood star? Are pictures of Lindsay Lohan really in that high of a demand?

Either way, you heard it here: Lindsay is employed. Let’s all pretend to believe she’s seen the error of her ways.

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Sources: US, TMZ, E!