Lindsay Lohan Back in Court: Where Does this Fall on her Trainwreck Speedometer? 

lindsay lohan appears in court

Another day, another Lindsay Lohan court appearance. On Wednesday morning, Lohan braved her “upper respiratory infection” to appear in front of the Los Angeles Superior Court in a pre-trial hearing presided over by Judge Stephanie Stautner. For those of you not up-to-date on the latest Lindsay dramz, earlier this week, Lohan claimed she would not be making an appearance due to falling ill — and she had the doctor’s note to prove it. That alibi went out the window, however, when Lindsay decided to leave her sick bed in order to partake in a little retail therapy. “I’m glad to see you’re feeling better,” a sassy Judge Sautner quipped at the trial.

Wednesday morning’s main proceedings included ushering in New York attorney Mark Heller as Lohan’s new council and scheduling a date for hearings regarding the open case in which Lohan allegedly lied to the cops and her probation violation. Lohan confirmed for the judge that Heller will be replacing Shawn Holley as her new representation, and a date of March 1 was then set for Lohan’s next pre-trial hearing. Heller’s attempts to get into Judge Sautner’s good graces, however, were rebuffed. When Heller tried to appeal to Sautner’s “former life” as a New York investigator, Sautner responded, “Flattery doesn’t get you anywhere in this court.” ZING!

In the world of Lindsay Lohan, Wednesday’s events were tame; there were no drugs involved, no alcohol-monitoring bracelets, no orange jumpsuits, and certainly no secret messages written in her manicure. To help you keep track of Lindsay’s antics going forward, we’ve created a handy dandy Lindsay Lohan Train(wreck) Speedometer. This allows us to rank her legal woes from mild to severe. Where does Wednesday’s court appearance fall? We say it’s about on par with a Twitter feud. Gets in Twitter WayFollow Abbey Stone on Twitter @abbeystone

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