Lindsay Lohan Cast in Lady Gaga Music Video

Lady Gaga Lindsay LohanIn case you missed it, Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan are best friends now. Yep. Like, they had a sleepover at the Chateau Marmont, took pictures for the Interweb, probably braided one another’s hair and exchanged friendship bracelets. And now they’re set for life. In fact, they’re so tight that Gaga wants to feature Lohan in her upcoming music video — whenever that may be, for whichever unreleased song she chooses.

Secret handshakes and shared milkshakes aside, Lohan seems an odd choice for one of Gaga’s video. But then again, Gaga has never shied away from odd. From her male alter ego and mermaid sex in “You and I” to the insane asylum opening of “Marry the Night,” not to mention the entirety of “Bad Romance,” you can always expect the unexpected from Gaga.

But here’s the thing, Lohan can’t dance … or sing. Those simple facts severely limit the capacity in which Lohan can be involved in Gaga’s video. In short, here are our suggestions for Lohan’s appearance. 


According to E! Online, Lohan will “be in” Gaga’s video, but no one is claiming she’ll be its star. So, let’s keep her appearance brief. Shorter is sweeter in this case, we thinks.

Love Interest

Gaga needs someone to make out with; it’s like a video prerequisite for Mama Monster. We already know all about Lohan’s bicurious ways, and Gaga is totally in favor of equal opportunity sexuality, so why not kindle the spark? Get Katy Perry in there, too, she likes kissing girls!

Prison Inmate

Per chance Gaga’s new video will be a sequel to “Telephone.” In which case, Lohan could make a tongue-in-cheek appearance (alongside Beyoncé, maybe?) as a fellow inmate. Lohan would feel right at home. 

Gaga’s BFF

Okay, here’s the obvious one, given the circumstances. But Lohan could play Gaga’s best friend. We’re thinking they could reenact Thelma and Louise (Lohan has already expressed interest in doing such) and drive off a cliff together. Now that’d be a smashing end.

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