Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Go Clubbing After Her Court Appearance

Lindsay Lohan denies partying after courtLindsay Lohan isn’t sorry for party rocking, y’all — since she actually didn’t party last night following her court appearance after all. The star denied rumors that she hit up a Los Angeles night club on Monday after being sentenced to 90 days in rehab in her latest court hearing.

Despite reports that Lohan hid herself under a blanket in the back of an SUV as she tried to enter AV Nightclub in Hollywood (only to leave after being caught by photographers), the actress said on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that she didn’t even leave her hotel room that night.

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What was she really doing? The answer is most definitely not as exciting as the rumors.

Lohan also thanked her fans for their kind words.

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[Photo Credit: Reed Saxon/Pool/WENN]

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