Lindsay Lohan Could Be Interviewed On ‘Today’

lindsay lohanAfter Lindsay Lohan sat down with someone from Vanity Fair and attempted to convince us the only thing she’s abusing is the time we spend reading about her in the waiting room before our doctors are ready to see us, it’s now being reported she’ll take her drama camp monologue over to the Today show.

Though TMZ reports multiple networks are hoping to land an interview with Lohan, NBC is said to be the front runner, and they are “actively” trying to get her to wake up at 4 AM to sit across from Matt Lauer and tell him that her jail cell was small and that her father is still an acid washed denim creep. Her mother, Dina (short for Donata! Not even Donatella!), maintains a deal hasn’t been made yet, but I wouldn’t trust her with the $10 I gave to a second grader this morning for her dolphin charity. Oh, and she also said Lindsay made friends with “alleged murderers.” No wonder she hit that stroller and kept driving!

Matt Lauer interviewed Dina a few weeks ago, and Dina reported feeling “ambushed” by all his questions and insinuations that she was a bad mother for not insisting Lindsay spend as much time in rehab as she needed. Perhaps Dina will insist Lauer interviews Lindsay so she’ll continue to attest to her mother’s Range Rover-sized strength. Or maybe Dina will only allow for Meredith Vieira to talk to Lindsay…but Meredith certainly isn’t opposed to one-two punches, either.

Source: NYD