Lindsay Lohan Fails Drug Test, Could Go Back to Jail

Hollywood.comThough she has only been out of rehab for 3 weeks, Lindsay Lohan could already be in trouble again, as TMZ has learned the 24-year-old actress failed her court-mandated drug test last week.  If the report is true, the tabloid celebrity could find herself right back in jail: according to the terms of Lohan’s probation, a positive drug test will result in 30 days back in prison, without exception.  TMZ is now claiming she tested positive for cocaine.

Of course, friends close to Lohan are arguing the report is false, and Los Angeles District Attorney spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons told TMZ her office has received no official notification of the test results; still, TMZ is insisting “we have confirmed [the report] is indeed true.”

Unfortunately, there will be no passing ‘Go,’ no collecting $200 for Lohan this time around: the new judge presiding over her case, Elden Fox, has already warned Lohan that a failed drug test would result in a month-long jail sentence.

However, to tell the truth, I sort of doubt that this story is true.  Lohan is currently in an outpatient treatment program where she is subject to random drug testing up to twice a week; how dumb would she have to be to put any drug in her body knowing full well it would put her back in jail?  Then again, this is Lindsay Lohan we’re talking about.  “Smart life choices” are not really her forte.  Stay strong, Lindsay.  Haters gonna hate.  Seriously though, you might want to cool it with the blow for a little while.

Source: TMZ