Lindsay Lohan Gets a ‘Live Without Regrets’ Tattoo on her Left Wrist

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan decided to add a little more ink to her body art collection over the weekend by getting the words “live without regrets” tattooed on her left wrist. Now, as we all know, Lilo has racked up a fair share of regrets over the years, so it’s a little ironic the starlet chose these particular words to imprint on her body. But perhaps this is just her way of not dwelling in the past (either that or taking pride in it). Sources told TMZ that the actress got it as a way to commemorate the great point she’s at in her life right now – you know, with all the court dates and community service hours at the morgue.

But Lindsay is no stranger to getting words – even lyrics – tattooed on herself. She has several other tattoos, including one on her rib cage with the Billy Joel lyrics: “Clear as a crystal sharp as a knife, I feel like I’m in the prime of my life.” Additionally, her right wrist bears the Marilyn Monroe quote: “I restore myself when I’m alone,” which she got after breaking up with longtime girlfriend Samantha Ronson in 2009. And in white ink on her inner right wrist, the actress has the simple word “breathe.” Let’s just hope that this body art will actually imitate life.

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Source: TMZ