Lindsay Lohan Gets New Tattoo of Billy Joel Lyrics

I wouldn’t have penned Lindsay Lohan to be a Billy Joel fan, but apparently she finds his music very meaningful — so much so that she got a new tattoo of lyrics from one of his songs. According to a TMZ report, the actress selected a few choice lines from Joel’s 1989 song I Go to Extremes for her latest inking, which was planted on the right side of her rib cage. It seems fitting enough, since if anyone has ever gone to extremes it’s this girl. The lyrics read: “Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife I feel like I’m in the prime of my life.” TMZ was told by Lindsay’s friends that these particular words were very important because they “represented where she is in life and everything she’s been through … it signifies that she’s focused.” Frankly I’m not really sure that I like the idea of her being around crystal or a knife, but that’s just me. Check out the exclusive photos provided by TMZ below:


This isn’t the first time Lindsay has looked to celebrities for inspiration for a tattoo. She has a pair of quotes from her idol, Marilyn Monroe tattooed on her body saying “I restore myself when I’m alone” on her right wrist and “Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle,” on the inside of her wrist. Let’s hope Mr. Joel proves to be a better inspiration than Ms. Monroe seems to have been. At least she didn’t pick lyrics from Only the Good Die Young.

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Source: TMZ