Lindsay Lohan Hits Pedestrian With Porsche & Flees the Scene

ALTLindsay Lohan ran into a pedestrian with her car after leaving the Sayers Club in Hollywood, Calif. during the early hours of March 14, according to TMZ. But instead of stopping to wait for cops to arrive on the scene, the troubled star drove away.

What happened? Lindsay was allegedly trying to escape photogs who were chasing her. She did a 3-point turn with her Porsche and hit the pedestrian, who turned out to be the manager for the club. 

No injuries were reported when cops arrived, and according to a witness, the victim actually “got up and started smoking his hookah” after Lindsay drove away. (Although now, sources say that the manager did go to the hospital.) He also didn’t file charges against Lindsay initially, but is reportedly planning to do so quite soon.

Since the victim did not press charges, it can’t be classified as a hit-and-run just yet. But if the victim presses charges, Lindsay could be found in violation of her probation that she is currently serving for a prior case.

Source: TMZ