Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized with Wrist Fracture

Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan has been rushed to the hospital again after fracturing her wrist in a fall on Friday.

The Mean Girls star was taken to St. Vincent’s hospital in New York, after slipping at the city’s Milk Studios during a New York Fashion Week event.

Lohan‘s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, confirms the actress’ wrist was fractured in two places when she fell over walking in an outdoor area in flat boots.

She adds, “There’s a pending investigation” to determine whether Milk Studios took adequate health and safety precautions with the ground.

Lohan‘s hectic work schedule is expected to be affected by the accident, and Sloane Zelnick warns, “Lawyers are looking into (the situation).”

The 20-year-old was last hospitalized in Los Angeles in July after suffering from heatstroke and exhaustion on the set of her new movie, Georgia Rule.

She started the year off in the hospital after a severe asthma attack on Jan. 2 left her gasping for breath and in need of medical attention.

Later the same month she needed 10 stitches in her shin after falling on a broken cup at rocker Bryan Adams‘ home in London.

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