Lindsay Lohan: I See Myself at the Oscars in 5 Years

lindsay lohanMaking a comeback in Hollywood is never easy, but it’s something Lindsay Lohan is determined to make happen. The actress appeared on the Today Show on March 1 and revealed to Matt Lauer her hopes of turning her life around both personally and professionally.

In fact, when asked where she’ll be in 5 years, Lohan remarked, “Hopefully I’ll have just come from the Oscars this past weekend.” Well, at least she’s ambitious.

Although her past actions have severely taken a toll on her career, Lohan believes her image and reputation can be salvaged in time, telling Lauer, “I think that takes time. And I think that it’s actions. Because people can say things all they want, but I think I still need to go through the process of proving myself.”

Additionally, Lilo claims that her partying days are well behind her, stating, “That’s not my thing anymore. I went out, actually, a few months ago with a friend. And I was so uncomfortable. Not because I felt tempted, just because it was just the same thing that it always was before. And it just wasn’t fun for me. I’ve become more of a homebody. And I like that.”

Indeed, she definitely seems to be turning over a new leaf with her positive feedback in court and upcoming SNL gig. She’s even going to make fun of herself in some of the skits, saying, “If I’m going to do a sketch about [my past legal issues], this is the place to do it. SNL is where you’re actually okay to do that.” But don’t worry, she had her lawyer approve the skits as to not be disrespectful of the judge. Maybe this is a new and improved Lohan.

What do you think: is Lilo serious about making a comeback or is this just another fake-out?

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Source: Today