Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out Of Community Service Program

This probably won’t surprise anyone, but let’s just pretend to be shocked: Lindsay Lohan was recently kicked out of her court-mandated community service program at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles. According to sources, the actress violated the rules multiple times by blowing off 9 of her scheduled visits and only working for an hour when she did bother to show up (she was supposed to work 4 hours at a time). Apparently Lindsay was terminated from the Women’s Center two weeks ago and is now fulfilling the rest of her community service at the Red Cross. Well…until they decide to kick her out as well.

While all of this clearly sounds like something Lindsay would do, the Hollywood star pleads innocent and claims that she NEVER showed up late at the Women’s Center. Lindsay also feels like the staff had it in for her right from the beginning and were constantly mean to her for no reason at all. Maybe they just watched Mean Girls one too many times? Either way, Lindsay is due back in court next week where a judge will decide if she’s really telling the truth about her community service work ethic (or lack there of). So who should the judge trust — the nice people working at the Women’s Center or Lindsay Lohan and her impressive crime record? Decisions, decisions.

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Source: TMZ, TMZ