Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab

lindsay lohanLate last night or early this morning (depending on the intensity of your partying ways), Lindsay Lohan was released from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital after being there a staggering 23 days out of what was supposed to be 90 days. TMZ reports she’ll receive outpatient care for the “foreseeable future.”

They’re also reporting the insurance provided to her by the Screen Actors Guild (stop laughing) will not be covering any of the treatment. Sources from UCLA told TMZ that a week at the Hospital costs $17,850, and that doesn’t include the cost for tests, therapists, doctors, or medication. In combination with those fees, her stay came out to be about $40,000 a week — or $130,400 for all 23 days. If she had completed Judge Marsha Revel’s sentence of 90 days, the bill would have been around $520,000, but apparently the doctors at the Hospital believed the Judge overreacted when she recommended Lindsay serve 90 days, and that her ADHD or chemical dependencies weren’t nearly as severe as she made them out to be.

Now that she’s out and there doesn’t appear to be a photo of her leaving the facility, the next thing we’re looking forward to most is her first interview post-jail, which could earn her up to $1 million. Surely earning money that way will be easier for her than having to bounce lines off of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Source: TMZ