Lindsay Lohan Disobeys Court Order and Leaves Rehab

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Update: TMZ is reporting that Lohan is now seeking treatment at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif. She reportedly checked in late Thursday. Supposedly, police have backed down on the arrest warrant that they wanted to issue, but the DA still has to get a judge to sign off on Betty Ford as the location for Lohan’s treatment.

Before: Lindsay Lohan is in a lot of trouble. The 26-year-old The Canyons star was supposed to check into a rehab facility, but when she got there Thursday, she reportedly decided that she didn’t want to go inside. 

According to TMZ, Lohan rolled up to Morningside Recovery Thursday morning, but she never got out of her car to check in. The car reportedly left the treatment center with Lohan still in tow. She then reportedly headed to go shopping at a electronics store, according to New York’s Daily News.

Lohan was originally sentenced to take on a rehab program by a court order. She was supposed to be placed in a New York facility, but then reportedly decided that she wanted to go to treatment in California, hence her alleged selection of Morningside Recovery. 

But by Thursday, Lohan was reportedly not satisfied with Morningside Recovery, and her camp was supposedly still negotiating terms for her stay at the facility. Reports also suggest that when Lohan arrived, the mass amount of media and paparazzi on the premises made her feel unsafe at the facility.

The Daily News reports that Lohan then decided that she wanted to hop a plane to NYC, but that her father Michael Lohan convinced her to stay in California. At this point, it’s not clear where Lohan is, but TMZ reports that if she is not checked into Morningside Recovery by dawn Friday morning, there will most likely be a warrant out for her arrest.

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