Lindsay Lohan Not in ‘Gotti’ AGAIN?

lindsay lohanSo at first Lindsay Lohan was in Gotti: Three Generations with Nick Cassavetes directing. Then she wasn’t. Then was back in but as a different character. Then Nick Cassavetes dropped out of the project and was replaced by Barry Levinson.

Now guess what! Levinson says that she isn’t in it! Well, probably. He’s still writing.

According to him, Lohan was Cassavetes’ casting (as was everyone else in the film except for Al Pacino) and due to her problems there might not be a spot for her in the film. In fact, Levinson might just write around her and whatever character she might potentially play. All in all, between getting de-casted in a film and yesterday’s sentencing to 3 months in jail, this was not a good week for Lindsay Lohan. But I still have faith in her! After all, she’s been down this road before and well, she went right back to jail. Good job girl!

Source: The Wrap