Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Too Young to Die’ Song Leaks

Yesterday, we thought Lindsay Lohan was just a profanity-manicured celebrity who had 12 more days of freedom before she had to surrender to some warden at an L.A. correctional facility. But today, we’re reminded of another part of Lindsay’s personality — the part that spent some time recording musical accompaniment set to the sounds that come out of her mouth when she moves her tongue around like Mr. Ed.

There was “Rumors.”

There was also the song she sang to Jamie Lee Curtis at the end of Freaky Friday. Her hair was still red!

Now flash forward a friendship with Nicole Richie, a toss of Red Bull to some paparazzi and this cover for New York magazine, we have THIS! Here’s her leaked song, “Too Young to Die.”

This song is more predictable than your sneaker fitting once you put it on. But the venus fly trap reference makes it a tiny win.

Source: NYM