Lindsay Lohan Slams Split Reports

Angry Lindsay Lohan has hit back at reports she and boyfriend Harry Morton have split, insisting the rumors are “not true.”

Reports circulated on Friday that the Mean Girls star had been dumped by the Hard Rock Cafe heir because she was “too much drama.”

Lohan has instructed her publicist to kill the rumor, claiming the couple is still an item.

Lohan and Morton began dating in July. Morton was recently photographed consoling his girlfriend after she had reported her handbag and jewelry missing at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Lohan Father’s Public Plea for Reconciliation

Lindsay Lohan‘s estranged father has reportedly made a public plea for reconciliation with the actress–in an open letter to a British newspaper.

The Sun claims a handwritten note published yesterday comes from imprisoned Michael Lohan, and aims to heal the rift stemming from his incarceration for drunk driving and violent behavior last year.

The actress has since ignored her dad and refuses to visit him behind bars, but Michael fears his daughter will struggle in life without some of his invaluable advice.

The letter reads, “It pains me to have to write to you like this, but it’s evident that my letters never reach you.

“I know the pain that comes with love, especially when two hearts and lives are divided. Sometimes we run–we seek to hide or just escape from the pain.

“In the meantime, people are either whispering in our ear, giving self-serving advice, or out to protect their own interests.

“Unfortunately sweetheart, while you are so talented and blessed, you have become their interest. As I told you all along, this would happen.”

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