Lindsay Lohan Spends Four Hours in Jail

Last week, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to spend 30 days in jail due to violating the terms of her probation. Shortly after the judge’s verdict, rumors began circulating that the actress would only spend mere minutes in jail due to overcrowding, but luckily that turned out to be completely false. According to TMZ, Lindsay checked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California at 8:48 pm PST Sunday night and was released at approximately 1:30 am PST Monday morning. This means the Hollywood star was locked up behind bars for well over 4 HOURS!!! I mean, 30 days and 4 hours are basically the same thing, right? And here we thought she was going to get off easy.

During Lindsay’s court appearance last week, Judge Stephanie Saunter told Lindsay she will perform the rest of her community service at the morgue and complete 19 psycho-therapy sessions by March 29, 2012. If she adheres to the strict guidelines, her probation will be over and the rest of the 300-day sentence will be stayed indefinitely. But if she once again neglects the responsibilities of her probation, then she will be forced to serve out the rest of her time in jail (no, seriously — they mean it this time).

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Lindsay has a permanent Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card since it’s impossible to keep that girl locked up. The court makes tough threats to prove that there’s no favoritism, but there totally is. Let’s remember that this was Lindsay’s fifth trip to jail since her first arrest for drunk driving in 2007 and she still continues to make bad decisions without getting punished. So if you ever have a run in with law enforcement, just say your last name is Lohan and they’ll most likely let you off with a warning.

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Source: TMZ, Radar