Lindsay Lohan to Give Acting Lessons to the Homeless

lindsay lohanEven though Lindsay Lohan managed to squeeze herself out of spending 120 days in prison by paying her $75,000 bail, she will be unable to circumnavigate the 480 hours of community service that Judge Sautner declared as the other part of her sentence. The judge stipulated that 360 of those 480 hours were to be completed at the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center, which helps the homeless women of L.A., and today it has been revealed that Lindsay will spend her time there giving women the tools they need to get their lives back on track by turning them into better actors.

A spokesperson for the shelter said the staff are “extremely interested in having Lindsay contribute her talents when she kicks of her 360 hours of community service this week.” Lindsay will be participating in a workshop called Dames Investing in Very Authentic Storytelling (DIVAS), which is comprised of 15 women who meet for two hours every week to express themselves through dramatic performances. Lindsay is sure to blend in with the group almost instantaneously.

Source: Showbiz Spy