Lindsay Lohan to Pose Nude For Handbag Ad

ALTNext up on the wheel of “how to refuse a clean and sober lifestyle” is the possibility of Lindsay Lohan posing nude in ads to promote her 6126 handbag line. Oh that’s right! Hit pause on your Pandora because if this is true, you’re going to want your ears in tip-top shape for when your eyes chain themselves to a fence in protest.

Richard Luna of The California Bag (I know I’ve given your mind nothing to grab on to yet, but this is the guy who licenses the company that makes Lindsay’s bags) told that next month, Lindsay will strip and roll around on a bed in honor of selling her satchels. However he didn’t know whether or not they were going to incorporate her SCRAM bracelet — “we’re thinking of having police on hand so we can remove the alcohol bracelet for the pictures,” he said. But if that doesn’t work, there’s always airbrushing, that terribly realistic device with the capacity to transform an elephant into an apple pie.

The bags themselves are pretty expensive: the high end line bags cost between $200 and $600 each, while the low end bags fall under $200. So the prices, in consideration with Lindsay Lohan’s star appeal (whatever that may be) mean the ad campaign will probably be pretty edgy and it’ll haunt your dreams for at least a week. That is, if you’ve managed to get the image of a topless Helen Mirren out of your head by then.

Source: USMagazine