Lindsay Lohan Tweets at Chris Brown: ‘Wanna Meet?’

I think I’m finally starting to believe all the Rapture and 2012 “end of the world” talk after hearing about this: Lindsay Lohan has evidently heard that celebs have been sending love videos to one another, so she decided to start her own social media trend by asking Chris Brown to hang out with her. The actress originally tweeted at the rapper during the VMAs, saying “@chrisbrown killed it #MTVVMAs” which was all well and innocent, but after Brown decided to retweet her tweet, Lindsay took that as Tweet-flirting and took it a step further. She took to Twitter the next day and tweeted, “@chrisbrown wanna meet?” And here I didn’t think this girl could possibly sink any lower — silly me.

This is an absolutely terrible idea to get these two characters in the same room together. Just like how that Gollum creature needed to be kept away from that damn ring of his, these two need to stay as far away as possible from each other or else things are going to get ugly. I mean, yes, they do have a lot in common: Lindsay has had problems with substance abuse while Chris has had certain problems with abuse of his own (see Rihanna); Brown likes to rap while Lohan is featured in rap songs (see Pitbull‘s Give Me Everything song). But that does not mean they should be hanging out — two wrongs don’t make a right human being. It will only end in disaster. Let’s hope Chris is too busy making other bad decisions and forgets to respond to Lushy Lohan’s invitation.

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Source: Twitter