Listen: Katy Perry Releases New, Gentler Single

Katy Perry Pink Hair has been through the ringer recently. She spent the holidays away from her husband, only to be hounded by reporters and paparazzi at every turn and at the end of it all, Russell Brand served her divorice papers. And if that wasn’t enough, her last single, “The One That Got Away (Feat. B.O.B.)” didn’t exactly rake in that iTunes cash. So what’s a soon-to-be divorced girl to do? Why, use her heartache to fuel a new acoustic version of the same song in hopes of better results. And, at least for this listener, the more bare, honest approach seems to suit the song much better than the pimped out pop version. 

Will you buy Perry’s new single? Listen for yourself and share your thoughts in the comments. 

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Source: Vulture