Listen To Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Part of Me’

katy perryIt’s not easy being a celebrity. Sure, there’s the constant adoration and seemingly never-ending supply of money, but when it comes privacy these guys get the short end of the stick. But Katy Perry figures, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The singer made elements of her personal life public — and in a big way — last night at the Grammy Awards, by debuting her new single “Part of Me.”

Clearly referencing her surprise split with Russell Brand (who filed for a divorce from Perry on Dec. 30 of last year), the Teenage Dream songstress hit the stage with a vengeance, singing lyrics like, “You chew me up and spit me out/ Like I was poison in your mouth/ You took my life/ You drained me down/ But that was then, and this is now.” But that’s just the tip of the musical iceberg. Perry continues to make not-so-subtle references to her broken love affair, but suggests that she’s risen above her heartache and is now stronger than ever, singing, “Look at me/ I’m sparkling/ You will never put me out again/ So you can keep the diamond ring/ It don’t mean nothing anyway.” Like I said, not so subtle. I guess this round goes to Perry.

And while the single officially drops on Feb. 21, feel free to listen to the audio below and rock out with Perry about being over her former beau.

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Source: YouTube