Liu Ye

Born: 03/23/1978


Actor (19)

My War 2016 (Movie)


Night Peacock 2016 (Movie)

Jianmin (Actor)

Run For Love 2016 (Movie)


Police Story: Lockdown 2015 (Movie)

Wu Jiang (Actor)

A Beautiful Life 2011 (Movie)

Fang Zhendong (Actor)

Beginning of the Great Revival 2011 (Movie)

Mao Zedong (Actor)

City of Life and Death 2011 (Movie)

Lu Jianxiong (Actor)

The Last Supper 2011 (Movie)

Emperor Liu Bang (Actor)

Connected 2008 (Movie)


Dark Matter 2008 (Movie)

Liu Xing (Actor)

The Underdog Knight 2008 (Movie)


Blood Brothers 2007 (Movie)


Curse of the Golden Flower 2006 (Movie)

Crown Prince Wan (Actor)

The Promise 2006 (Movie)

Snow Wolf (Actor)

Postmen in the Mountains 2004 (Movie)

Son (Actor)

Purple Butterfly 2004 (Movie)

Szeto (Actor)

The Floating Landscape 2003 (Movie)


Lan Yu 2002 (Movie)

Lan Yu (Actor)