Lloyd Nolan

Compact, reliable, likable leading man of the 1930s and 40s, often as a cop, detective or gangster, primarily in low-budget action films, many of them quite good. Once dubbed "Hollywood's most popular forgotten man" by ... Read more »
Born: 08/11/1902 in San Francisco, California, USA


Actor (82)

Hannah and Her Sisters 1986 (Movie)

Evan--Hannah's Father (Actor)

Prince Jack 1984 (Movie)

Joseph Kennedy (Actor)

Adams House 1982 - 1983 (TV Show)


Valentine 1979 - 1980 (TV Show)


The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover 1977 (Movie)

Attorney General Stone (Actor)

The Abduction of Saint Anne 1974 - 1975 (TV Show)


The November Plan 1975 (Movie)

General Smedley Butler (Actor)

Earthquake 1974 (Movie)

Dr Vance (Actor)

Isn't It Shocking? 1973 - 1974 (TV Show)


Julia 1968 - 1971 (TV Show)


Airport 1970 (Movie)

Harry Standish (Actor)

Ice Station Zebra 1968 (Movie)

Admiral Garvey (Actor)

Sergeant Ryker 1968 (Movie)

General Amos Bailey (Actor)

The Double Man 1967 (Movie)

Edwards (Actor)

An American Dream 1966 (Movie)

Barney Kelly (Actor)

Never Too Late 1965 (Movie)

Mayor Crane (Actor)

Circus World 1964 (Movie)

Cap Carson (Actor)

The Dick Powell Show 1961 - 1963 (TV Show)


The Untouchables 1959 - 1963 (TV Show)


The Girl Hunters 1962 (Movie)

Art Rickerby (Actor)

We Joined the Navy 1962 (Movie)

Admiral Ryan (Actor)

Susan Slade 1961 (Movie)

Roger Slade (Actor)

The Barbara Stanwyck Theater 1960 - 1961 (TV Show)


Girl of the Night 1960 (Movie)

Dr Mitchell (Actor)

Portrait in Black 1960 (Movie)

Mattew Cabot (Actor)

The Desilu Playhouse 1958 - 1960 (TV Show)


Ah, Wilderness! 1958 - 1959 (TV Show)


A Hatful of Rain 1957 (Movie)

John Pope Sr (Actor)

Abandon Ship! 1957 (Movie)

Frank Kelly (Actor)

Ford Star Jubilee 1955 - 1957 (TV Show)


Peyton Place 1957 (Movie)

Dr Swain (Actor)

Santiago 1956 (Movie)

Clay Pike (Actor)

The Last Hunt 1956 (Movie)

Woodfoot (Actor)

Toward the Unknown 1956 (Movie)

Brigadier General Banner (Actor)

Crazylegs 1953 (Movie)

Win Brockmeyer (Actor)

Island in the Sky 1953 (Movie)

Stutz (Actor)

The Lemon Drop Kid 1950 (Movie)

Oxford Charlie (Actor)

Green Grass of Wyoming 1948 (Movie)


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1945 (Movie)

McShane (Actor)

Guadalcanal Diary 1942 (Movie)

Sgt. Hook Malone (Actor)

Behind the News 1939 (Movie)


Dangerous to Know 1937 (Movie)

Insp. Brandon (Actor)

Every Day's a Holiday 1937 (Movie)


Hunted Men 1937 (Movie)

Joe Albany (Actor)

King of Alcatraz 1937 (Movie)

Raymond Grayson (Actor)

Tip-Off Girls 1937 (Movie)

Bob Anders (Actor)

Wells Fargo 1936 (Movie)

Dal Slade (Actor)

The Texas Rangers 1935 (Movie)


Atlantic Adventure (Movie)

Dan (Actor)

Bad Boy (Movie)

Marshall Brown (Actor)

Bataan (Movie)

Danny Burns (Actor)

Big Brown Eyes (Movie)

Russ Cortig (Actor)

Blues in the Night (Movie)

Del Davis (Actor)

Call to Danger (TV Show)


Captain Eddie (Movie)

Lt. Whittaker (Actor)

Circumstantial Evidence (Movie)

Sam Lord (Actor)

Climax! (TV Show)


Devil's Squadron (Movie)

Dana Kirk (Actor)

Ebb Tide (Movie)

Attwater (Actor)

Fire! (TV Show)


Flight to Holocaust (TV Show)


G-Men (Movie)

Hugh Farrell (Actor)

It Happened in Flatbush (Movie)

Frank Maguire (Actor)

Johnny Apollo (Movie)

Mickey Dwyer (Actor)

Just off Broadway (Movie)

Michael Shayne (Actor)

King of Gamblers (Movie)

Jim (Actor)

Lady in the Lake (Movie)

Lieutenant Degarmot (Actor)

Manila Calling (Movie)

Lucky Matthews (Actor)

Martin Kane, Private Eye (TV Show)


Michael Shayne, Private Detective (Movie)

Michael Shayne (Actor)

Sandburg's Lincoln (TV Show)


Stolen Harmony (Movie)

Chesty Burrage (Actor)

The Golden Fleecing (Movie)

Gus Fender (Actor)

The House Across the Bay (Movie)

Slant Kolma (Actor)

The House on 92nd Street (Movie)

Inspector George A. Briggs (Actor)

The Sky's the Limit (Movie)

Cornwall (Actor)

The Street with No Name (Movie)

Inspector Briggs (Actor)

The Sun Comes Up (Movie)

Thomas I. Chandler (Actor)

Two Smart People (Movie)

Bob Simms (Actor)

We Are in the Navy Now (Movie)

Vice Adm. Ryan (Actor)

Wings of Fire (TV Show)



Compact, reliable, likable leading man of the 1930s and 40s, often as a cop, detective or gangster, primarily in low-budget action films, many of them quite good. Once dubbed "Hollywood's most popular forgotten man" by "This Week" magazine in 1949, Nolan--handsome, but not of the glamourous, pretty-boy type--gave good value for one's money in fine B-films like "King of Gamblers" (1937), "Michael Shayne, Private Detective" (1940) and "Buy Me That Town" (1941). He also played important supporting roles in more expensive films including "The House on 92nd Street" and "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (both 1945), and was especially fine as the father in a study of drug addiction, "A Hatful of Rain" (1957). Often taken for granted, Nolan finally enjoyed sizable acclaim on both Broadway and television in the mid-50s as the neurotic, dictatorial Captain Queeg in "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial." Later in life the prolific Nolan played many character roles; whether sympathetic or villainous, he retained the forceful, no-nonsense persona which marked most of his work. He co-starred with Diahann Carroll from 1968 to 1971 as the cantankerous but kindly Dr. Morton Chegley on the gentle sitcom "Julia," and, at the end of his distinguished career, contributed a striking performance as Mia Farrow's father in Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters" (1986).


James Nolan


Margaret Nolan



Stanford University

Stanford , California
left in 1927 after three years to pursue an acting career



Acted in last film, "Hannah and Her Sisters"


Made film debut in "Stolen Harmony"

Starred opposite Diahann Carroll as Dr. Morton Chegley on the NBC sitcom, "Julia"

Starred in the title role of the TV series, "Martin Kane, Private Eye"; replaced William Gargan (1949-51) in the role; part subsequently played by Lee Tracy (1952-53) and Mark Stevens (1953-54)