Lohan’s Fashion Debut Panned by Critics

Lindsay Lohan‘s first collection as Emanuel Ungaro’s artistic adviser has been panned by critics, who have dubbed the show “an embarrassment” to the actress.

The Mean Girls star was named a style consultant for the French brand just last month.

She has spent last few weeks putting together a line with head designer Estrella Archs before the line debuted at Sunday’s show during Paris Fashion Week.

Models strutted down the runway wearing Lohan’s blazers and mini-dresses at Paris’ Louvre museum.

The debut was emotional for Lohan, who shed tears walking the runway and admitted the role she played in creating the range was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

However, the 23-year-old’s efforts have left fashion critics unimpressed.

One reviewer from The New York Times notes dresses that appeared to be painted on and left “several people in the audience aghast.”

Meanwhile, a Women’s Wear Daily critic has called her creations “an embarrassment,” adding that the audience watched the runway with “endless snickers and rolled eyes.”

Encouraging Lohan to return to her acting roots, the critic added: “Lindsay, it’s time to get serious about reviving the acting career. Being a young, pretty, controversial woman who looks good in clothes and photo ops just isn’t enough.”

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