Lohan too ‘jaded’ to play sexually curious teen

The actress has struggled to reclaim a top spot at the box-office since 2004’s Mean Girls, and her promising career has been marred by a string of drink driving charges and allegations of excess boozing and partying.

Just last week (begs10Aug09) Lohan denied reports her on/off lesbian lover Samantha Ronson staged an intervention to confront the star about her alleged drug abuse, brushing the reports off as “weird”.

And writer Allison Burnett has now revealed she’s passed up the actress as a prospect in a movie adaptation of her novel Undiscovered Gyrl, about a teen blogging about her sexual coming-of-age – because of Lohan’s troubled past.

Burnett tells U.S. magazine OK!, “(Lohan) is a wonderful actress, but her fame and baggage would only work against her.”.