Lohans continue to battle over Lindsay

Lohans continue to battle over Lindsay

The former couple has been using the press to hit out at one another since Michael first claimed Lindsay is hooked on strong medication that she buys from one of Hollywood’s biggest drug dealers.

The Mean Girls star has rejected her father’s allegations, but he went one step further and pleaded with Lindsay on U.S. TV on Friday (16Oct09) to conquer her personal demons.

While appearing on the Maury Povich show, he turned to the camera to address his daughter, and wept as he told her, “Lindsay, I love you with all my heart and… I am not going to bury you. You’re going to bury me before this is over. I will do anything and everything I have to to save your life. Whether mum likes it, or the public likes it or anyone, I am going to take all the steps I can to help you because I want you to have your life back.”

Dina Lohan has since chastised Michael for playing out their family problems in the media and accused him of attempting to make up for being an “absentee dad”.

But the family patriarch is refusing to back down and claims both he and Dina have previously agreed Lindsay needs professional help in order to get her life back on track.

Michael also blames Dina for thrusting their youngest daughter Ali into the spotlight, fearing she could follow her older sister down the path to destruction.

He says, “Dina can attack me and say whatever she wants, but when she makes statements like, ‘I need to focus on being a parent,’ I think she needs to reach deep inside herself, get out of HER state of denial and be a parent herself. I am taking LEGAL proactive steps, Dina. What are you doing beside lying, making excuses and putting Ali in the same position YOU put Lindsay in?

“Shall I even begin to play all the tapes of our many conversations about how Lindsay needs intervention, what a good father I am, and how you always loved me… Your comments and sources don’t work. Be a REAL parent, the one you were when we were married and let’s save our daughter and give her her life back.”