Long-haired Macy is Jagger’s lookalike

The Fargo star, 59, usually keeps his locks short but he is growing them out for an upcoming movie role.

Macy’s shoulder-length hair had one celebrity-spotter convinced he was Jagger – and the actor was so amused, he decided against correcting the fan.

His actress wife Felicity Huffman, says, “He’s growing his hair for a part where he plays a drunk and crazy guy and we’re in the airport… There was a lot of paparazzi and after they dispersed, I saw this tall Asian man standing next to Bill (Macy) so I said, ‘Bill, that guy…’ So Bill turns around and goes, ‘Yes?’ And the guy goes, ‘Mick Jagger?’ So Bill went, ‘Yes!'”

But it’s not the first time Macy’s been the subject of mistaken identity – he’s previously received special treatment from retail staff thinking he was CSI: Miami star David Caruso.

Huffman adds, “A little while ago we (went shopping) and they were so nice to us. Then as we were leaving, he (store clerk) said, ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Caruso.’ They thought he was David Caruso!”