Loretta Young

After the rigors of a convent education interrupted her nascent career (she had broken into film as a bit player at the age of three), Loretta Young resurfaced at age 14 to play a supporting role in "Naughty But Nice" ... Read more »
Born: 01/06/1913 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


Actor (72)

Mistress America 2015 (Movie)

Work Study Woman (Actor)

Legends in Light 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)


Going Hollywood: The War Years 1987 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

The Loretta Young Show 1962 - 1963 (TV Show)


The Loretta Young Theater 1953 - 1962 (TV Show)


A Letter to Loretta 1953 - 1954 (TV Show)


Cause For Alarm 1951 (Movie)

Ellen Jones (Actor)

Come to the Stable 1949 (Movie)

Sister Margaret (Actor)

Along Came Jones 1945 (Movie)

Cherry de Longpre (Actor)

China 1942 (Movie)

Carolyn Grant (Actor)

The Lady From Cheyenne 1940 (Movie)


Eternally Yours 1938 (Movie)

Anita Halstead (Actor)

Kentucky 1937 (Movie)


Suez 1937 (Movie)


Ramona 1935 (Movie)


The Call of the Wild 1934 (Movie)


The Crusades 1934 (Movie)

Berengaria - Princess of Navarre (Actor)

A Man's Castle 1932 (Movie)


The Life of Jimmy Dolan 1932 (Movie)

Peggy (Actor)

Zoo in Budapest 1932 (Movie)

Eve (Actor)

Three Girls Lost 1930 (Movie)


Too Young to Marry 1930 (Movie)


Laugh, Clown, Laugh 1927 (Movie)

Simonette (Actor)

And Now Tomorrow (Movie)

Emily Blair (Actor)

Beau Ideal (Movie)

Isabel Brandon (Actor)

Big Business Girl (Movie)

Claire McIntyre (Actor)

Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (Movie)

Lola Field (Actor)

Cafe Metropole (Movie)

Laura Ridgeway (Actor)

Christmas Eve (TV Show)


Clive of India (Movie)

Margaret Maskelyne Clive (Actor)

Employees' Entrance (Movie)

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Fast Life (Movie)

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Four Men and a Prayer (Movie)

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Half Angel (Movie)

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The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (Movie)

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Lady Helen Deardon (Actor)

The White Parade (Movie)

June Arden (Actor)

Wife, Doctor and Nurse (Movie)

Ina Lewis (Actor)


After the rigors of a convent education interrupted her nascent career (she had broken into film as a bit player at the age of three), Loretta Young resurfaced at age 14 to play a supporting role in "Naughty But Nice" (1927), netting herself a contract with First National (the precursor of Warner Brothers).


Sally Blane Actor

Born on July 11, 1910 died on August 27, 1997

Clark Gable Actor

worked together in "The Call of the Wild" (1935) Young became pregnant with daughter Judy Lewis, gave birth to child and later claimed she was adopted

Christopher Lewis

born on August 1, 1944 father, Thomas Lewis

Judy Lewis Actor

Born Nov. 6, 1935; father, Clark Gable; was led to believe that she was adopted by Young until she was an adult; reportedly Young refused to confirm the story even to her daughter; Lewis believed she was adopted until she learned the truth of her parentage as an adult Relationship Events

Peter Lewis

born on July 15, 1945 father, Thomas Lewis

Tom Lewis Editor


John Lindley

born on October 7, 1914 died on December 2, 1997

Jean Louis Costume Designer

Married Aug. 10, 1993 until his death April 20, 1997

Spencer Tracy Actor

worked with Young in Frank Borzage's "Man's Castle" (1933) couple fell in love but both were Catholic and Tracy was unable to divorce his wife

Grant Withers Actor

Eloped 1930; she was 17 years old when married

Polly Young

born on October 25, 1908 died on January 21, 1997

Georgiana Young

born on September 30, 1923 married actor Ricardo Montalban


Ramona Convent

Alhambra , California

Immaculate Heart College

Los Angeles , California



Final acting role, the NBC TV-movie "Lady in a Corner"


Returned to acting after a 23-year retirement to perform the leading role in the TV-movie, "Christmas Eve" (NBC)


Won suit against NBC for unlawful syndication of her TV shows; award $600,000


"Retired" from acting; devoted time and energies to Catholic charities


Began starring in own TV show; "The Loretta Young Show" ended its run on NBC in 1961, and for its last season (1962-1963) aired on CBS; awarded three Emmy Awards


Last feature film, "It Happens Every Thursday"


Earned second Oscar nomination for "Come to the Stable", playing a nun out to establish a children's hospital


Offered fine turn as the indentured servant wife of a farmer in "Rachel and the Stranger", co-starring Robert Mitchum and William Holden


Starred in the title role of the fantasy "The Bishop's Wife"


Had perhaps best-known screen role as a Swedish woman who runs for Congress in "The Farmer's Daughter"; won Best Actress Academy Award


Cast as the unsuspecting newlywed wife of a refugee Nazi war criminal in "The Stranger", directed by and starring Orson Welles


Played an actress who wants to retire but whose playwright husband doesn't want her to in "Bedtime Story"


When contract with Fox expired, worked freelance


Acted alongside her three sisters in the biopic "The Story of Alexander Graham Bell"


Appeared in "Kentucky"


Starred opposite Clark Gable in "The Call of the Wild"; the stars engaged in a love affair that resulted in Young's pregnancy and the birth of daughter Judy


Signed with Fox when Daryl F Zanuck moved from Warner Bros.


Was featured in "Platinum Blonde", directed by Frank Capra


Made singing debut in "The Show of Shows"


Film acting debut at age 14, in "Naughty But Nice"; director Mervyn LeRoy originally wanted sister Polly Ann but she was unavailable; Gretchen (later dubbed Loretta), asked for, and got, the job

Had dispute with Zanuck and was briefly blacklisted until Harry Cohn signed her with Columbia Pictures; eventually made peace with Zanuck

"Naughty But Nice" led to contract with First National; changed name to Loretta Young

Moved to Hollywood at age three; began to appear in films as an extra and in bit roles

While attending convent school, was not allowed to appear in films

Between ages three and eight, made uncredited appearances in several silent films

Bonus Trivia


While there are claims that Young was the first Oscar-winning actress to also win an Emmy, that is untrue. Helen Hayes holds that distinction.


About working in "Old Hollywood", Loretta Young told The New York Times (March 30, 1995): "We were all under contract to studios, which took good care of of you; even told you who you could and couldn't go out with. Now, at the time we thought that was a terrible thing, but actually it was not."


Young collaborated with Edward J Funk on an as yet unpublished biography that took some five years to complete.