Lou Castel


Actor (49)

The Power of Angel 2014 (Movie)


Lapidation of Saint Etienne 2011 (Movie)


Heartbeat Detector 2008 (Movie)

Arie Neumann (Actor)

La Rabbia 2008 (Movie)


Le Corps sublimé 2007 (Movie)


1,2,3, Whiteout 2006 (Movie)

The Inventor (Actor)

Tiresia 2003 (Movie)


Clement 2000 (Movie)

Francois (Actor)

Appassionate 1999 (Movie)

Protector (Actor)

Louise (Take 2) 1998 (Movie)

Louise's Father (Actor)

Irma Vep 1997 (Movie)

Jose Murano (Actor)

Petites 1997 (Movie)


The Birth of Love 1997 (Movie)

Paul (Actor)

A Foreign Body 1996 (Movie)

The Father (Actor)

Encore 1996 (Movie)


Three Lives and Only One Death 1996 (Movie)

1st Beggar (Actor)

Dall'Altra Parte del Mondo 1991 (Movie)

The German (Actor)

Year of the Gun 1991 (Movie)

Round Faced Man (Actor)

Treasure Island 1990 (Movie)

Doctor/Father (Actor)

Beware of a Holy Whore 1989 (Movie)

Jeff (Actor)

Rorret 1989 (Movie)

Rorret (Actor)

What Time Is It? 1989 (Movie)

Fisherman (Actor)

Nanou 1988 (Movie)

Giancarlo (Actor)

Man on Fire 1987 (Movie)

Violente (Actor)

Hotel du Paradis 1986 (Movie)

Tramp (Actor)

Gli Occhi, la Bocca 1984 (Movie)

Giovanni (Actor)

La Presence reele 1984 (Movie)


Campo Europa 1983 (Movie)


L' Amour a mort 1983 (Movie)

Michel Garenne (Actor)

Trauma 1983 (Movie)


Der Beginn Aller Schrecken Ist Liebe 1982 (Movie)

Traugott (Actor)

Les Enfants du Placard 1976 (Movie)

Nicolas (Actor)

Porci con le Ali 1976 (Movie)


The American Friend 1976 (Movie)

Rodolphe (Actor)

The Cassandra Crossing 1976 (Movie)

Ambulance Driver (Actor)

Cambio de Sexo 1975 (Movie)

Durand (Actor)

Caro Michele 1975 (Movie)

Osvaldo (Actor)

Violanta 1975 (Movie)


Gangsterfilmen 1973 (Movie)


The Nada Gang 1973 (Movie)

D'Arey (Actor)

Voyage en grande Tartarie 1972 (Movie)

Sportsman (Actor)

Der Scharlachrote Buchstabe 1971 (Movie)

Pastor Dimmesdale (Actor)

In Nome del Padre 1970 (Movie)

Salvatore (Actor)

Galileo 1968 (Movie)

Friar (Actor)

Grazie, Tia 1968 (Movie)

Alvise (Actor)

Orgasmo 1967 (Movie)

Peter Donovan (Actor)

Fists in the Pocket 1964 (Movie)

Sandro (Actor)