Louba Guertchikoff


Actor (13)

Little Indian, Big City 1996 (Movie)

Mrs Godette (Actor)

The Favour, the Watch, and the Very Big Fish 1992 (Movie)

1st Old Woman (Actor)

Les Secrets professionnels du Docteur Apfelgluck 1991 (Movie)

Old Jocelyne (Actor)

Life and Nothing But 1990 (Movie)

Blue-eyed Woman (Actor)

La Femme de Rose Hill 1989 (Movie)

Marcel's Mother (Actor)

Paris By Night 1989 (Movie)

Madam Zinyafski (Actor)

Nanou 1988 (Movie)

Nun (Actor)

Cross 1987 (Movie)


Club de rencontres 1986 (Movie)


Moliere 1986 (Movie)

Marie Herve (Actor)

Chanel Solitaire 1981 (Movie)

3rd Woman (Actor)

Confidences pour confidences 1977 (Movie)

Grandmother Roussel (Actor)

1789 1973 (Movie)