Lucien Littlefield

Actor, Screenwriter
Lucien Littlefield was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. In 1913, he began his film career. Littlefield's career in acting began with his roles in various films like "The Hostage" (1917), "Everywoman" ... Read more »
Born: 08/16/1895 in San Antonio, Texas, USA


Actor (92)

Casanova's Big Night 1954 (Movie)

1st Prisoner (Actor)

Crown Theater With Gloria Swanson 1953 - 1954 (TV Show)


Lady, Let's Dance! 1944 (Movie)


Johnny Come Lately 1942 (Movie)

Blaker (Actor)

The Little Foxes 1940 (Movie)

Sam Naders (Actor)

Born to the West 1937 (Movie)


Partners in Crime 1936 (Movie)


Souls at Sea 1936 (Movie)

Toymaker (Actor)

The Moon's Our Home 1935 (Movie)

Ogden Holbrook (Actor)

I Dream Too Much 1934 (Movie)


Sons of the Desert 1932 (Movie)


Downstairs 1931 (Movie)


The Bitter Tea of General Yen 1931 (Movie)


A Ship Comes In 1927 (Movie)


Uncle Tom's Cabin 1926 (Movie)


The Torrent 1925 (Movie)

Cupido (Actor)

Why Change Your Wife? 1919 (Movie)

Gordon's Butler (Actor)

Across the Continent (Movie)

Scott Tyler (Actor)

Babbitt (Movie)

Edward Littelfield (Actor)

Bells of Capistrano (Movie)

Pa McCracker (Actor)

Big Money (Movie)


Broken Lullaby (Movie)

Schultz (Actor)

Casanova in Burlesque (Movie)

John Alden Compton (Actor)

Castle in the Desert (Movie)

Prof. Gleason (Actor)

Chance at Heaven (Movie)

Mr. Fred Harris (Actor)

Charley's Aunt (Movie)

Brasset (Actor)

Circus Boy (TV Show)


Clancy in Wall Street (Movie)

Andy MacIntosh (Actor)

Down to Earth (Movie)

Escort 3082 (Actor)

Drag (Movie)

Pa Parker (Actor)

Evenings for Sale (Movie)

Schwenk (Actor)

Everywoman (Movie)


Harold Teen (Movie)

Dad Jenks (Actor)

Henry Aldrich for President (Movie)

Mr. Crosley (Actor)

Her Husband's Trademark (Movie)

Slithy Winters (Actor)

High Pressure (Movie)

Oscar Brown (Actor)

High Society Blues (Movie)

Eli Granger (Actor)

High, Wide and Handsome (Movie)

Mr. Lippincott (Actor)

Hollywood Stadium Mystery (Movie)

Watchman (Actor)

I Am the Law (Movie)

Roberts (Actor)

If I Had a Million (Movie)

Zeb (Actor)

It Pays to Advertise (Movie)

Adams (Actor)

Joan the Woman (Movie)


Let's Sing Again (Movie)

Perkins (Actor)

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy (Movie)

Telegraph clerk (Actor)

Mandalay (Movie)

Mr. Peters (Actor)

Mr. and Mrs. North (Movie)

Barnes, Postman (Actor)

My Best Girl (Movie)

Po Johnson (Actor)

Mystery Plane (Movie)

Winslow (Actor)

No, No Nanette (Movie)

Jim Smith (Actor)

One Body Too Many (Movie)

Kenneth (Actor)

One Frightened Night (Movie)

Dr. Denham (Actor)

Professional Sweetheart (Movie)

Ed, Announcer (Actor)

Rainbow Over Broadway (Movie)

Timothy (Actor)

Rasputin and the Empress (Movie)

Reveler (Actor)

Rent Free (Movie)

Betty Briggs (Actor)

Roar of the Crowd (Movie)


Ruggles of Red Gap (Movie)

Charles Belknap-Jackson (Actor)

Saturday's Children (Movie)

Willie (Actor)

Scandal Sheet (Movie)

McCloskey (Actor)

Seven Keys to Baldpate (Movie)

Thomas Hayden (Actor)

Shopworn (Movie)

Fred (Actor)

Stand up and Cheer (Movie)

Prof. Hi De Ho (Actor)

Strangers of the Evening (Movie)

Frank Daniels (Actor)

Temptation (Movie)


The Big Brain (Movie)

Justice of the Peace (Actor)

The Cowboy and the Senorita (Movie)

Judge Loomis (Actor)

The Devil and the Deep (Movie)

Shopkeeper (Actor)

The French Doll (Movie)

Dobbs, the Butler (Actor)

The Girl in the Glass Cage (Movie)

Sheik Smith (Actor)

The Gladiator (Movie)

Prof. Danner (Actor)

The Great American Broadcast (Movie)

Justice of Peace (Actor)

The Great Divide (Movie)

Texas tommy (Actor)

The Great Man's Lady (Movie)

City editor (Actor)

The Lights of Old Santa Fe (Movie)

the Judge (Actor)

The Man in Hobbles (Movie)


The Man on the Flying Trapeze (Movie)

Mr. Peabody (Actor)

The Murder Man (Movie)

Rafferty (Actor)

The Rainbow Trail (Movie)

Joe Lake (Actor)

The Rendezvous (Movie)

Commissar (Actor)

The Return of Peter Grimm (Movie)

Col. Lawton (Actor)

The Sheik (Movie)

Gaston (Actor)

The Siren Call (Movie)

Irishman (Actor)

The Warrens of Virginia (Movie)

Tom Dabney (Actor)

The Westerner (Movie)

A Stranger (Actor)

Thirty-Day Princess (Movie)

Parker (Actor)

This Is Heaven (Movie)

Frank Chase (Actor)

Tony Runs Wild (Movie)

Red (Actor)

Unmarried (Movie)

School Principal (Actor)

What a Life (Movie)

Mr. Patterson (Actor)

Whistling in Dixie (Movie)

Cpl. Lucken (Actor)

Wide Open Faces (Movie)

P.T. "Doc" Williams (Actor)


Lucien Littlefield was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. In 1913, he began his film career. Littlefield's career in acting began with his roles in various films like "The Hostage" (1917), "Everywoman" (1919) and "Why Change Your Wife?" (1920) with Gloria Swanson. He also appeared in "The Sheik" (1921) with Rudolph Valentino, "Rent Free" (1922) and "The Siren Call" (1922). He continued to work steadily in film throughout the thirties, appearing in the comedy "Strangers of the Evening" (1932) with ZaSu Pitts, "Downstairs" (1932) with John Gilbert and the dramatic adaptation "Broken Lullaby" (1932) with Lionel Barrymore. He also appeared in the comedy adaptation "High Pressure" (1932) with William Powell. In the latter half of his career, he continued to act in the Gary Cooper dramatic adventure "Souls at Sea" (1937), the Joe E Brown drama "The Gladiator" (1938) and the John Wayne western "Born to the West" (1938). He also appeared in the Neil Hamilton mystery "Hollywood Stadium Mystery" (1938) and "Wide Open Faces" (1938). Littlefield more recently acted on "Circus Boy" (NBC, 1956-58). Littlefield passed away in June 1960 at the age of 65.


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