Ludmila Mikael


Actor (17)

The Night Clerk 2011 (Movie)


Rashevski's Tango 2009 (Movie)

Isabelle (Actor)

Sweet Evil 2009 (Movie)


The Heart of Men 2 2007 (Movie)

Francoise (Actor)

Ecoute Le Temps 2006 (Movie)


Seaside 2003 (Movie)

Anne (Actor)

The Heart of Men 2003 (Movie)

Francoise (Actor)

L' Art (delicat) de la seduction 2001 (Movie)


Le Petit Garcon 1994 (Movie)

Madame Roussel (Actor)

A Cause d'Elle 1993 (Movie)

Olivia's Mother (Actor)

East Wind 1993 (Movie)

Captain Barinkova (Actor)

Dien Bien Phu 1992 (Movie)

Beatrice Vergnes (Actor)

Archipel 1991 (Movie)

Miss Elliott (Actor)

Vagabond 1991 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

Noce Blanche 1989 (Movie)

Catherine Hainault (Actor)

Natalia 1988 (Movie)

Catherine Valence (Actor)