Ludwig Stossel

Born: 02/12/1883 in Austria


Actor (38)

Above Suspicion 2016 (Movie)

Herr Schultz (Actor)

Me and the Colonel 1958 (Movie)

Dr Szicki (Actor)

The Blue Angel 1958 (Movie)

Professor Braun (Actor)

From the Earth to the Moon 1957 (Movie)

Von Metz (Actor)

Deep in My Heart 1954 (Movie)

Mr Novak (Actor)

Call Me Madam 1953 (Movie)

Grand Duke (Actor)

Too Young to Kiss 1951 (Movie)

German accompanist (Actor)

As Young As You Feel 1950 (Movie)

Serge Toulevitsky - Conductor (Actor)

Song of Love 1947 (Movie)

Haslinger (Actor)

Dillinger 1945 (Movie)

Mr. Otto (Actor)

Bluebeard 1944 (Movie)

Jean Lamarte (Actor)

The Climax 1944 (Movie)

Carl Baumann (Actor)

Action in the North Atlantic 1942 (Movie)


Casablanca 1942 (Movie)

Mr Leuchtag (Actor)

All Through the Night 1941 (Movie)


Pittsburgh 1941 (Movie)

Dr. Grazlich (Actor)

The Pride of the Yankees 1941 (Movie)


Woman of the Year 1941 (Movie)


Dance, Girl, Dance 1939 (Movie)

Caesar (Actor)

A Song Is Born (Movie)

Prof. Traumer (Actor)

Four Sons (Movie)

Pastor (Actor)

Geraldine (Movie)

Berger (Actor)

Great Guns (Movie)

Dr. Hugo Schickel (Actor)

Great Impersonation (Movie)

Dr. Schmidt (Actor)

Her Highness and the Bellboy (Movie)

Mr. Puft (Actor)

Hers to Hold (Movie)

Binns (Actor)

House of Dracula (Movie)

Zeigfried (Actor)

I Married an Angel (Movie)

Janitor (Actor)

Iceland (Movie)

Valtyr's father (Actor)

Man Hunt (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

Temptation (Movie)

Dr. Mueller (Actor)

The Beginning or the End (Movie)

Dr. Albert Einstein (Actor)

The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler (Movie)

Graub (Actor)

The Sun Shines Bright (Movie)

Herman Felsburg (Actor)

They Came to Blow up America (Movie)

Julius Steelman (Actor)

This Time for Keeps (Movie)

Peter (Actor)

Who Done It? (Movie)

Dr. Anton Marek (Actor)

Yolanda and the Thief (Movie)

School Teacher (Actor)