Luke Wilson

While Luke Wilson looked more the Hollywood leading man than older brother Owen, his tendency toward independent films with smaller audiences often put him in his sibling's shadow. Both brothers got their start in ... Read more »
Born: 09/21/1971 in Dallas, Texas, USA


Actor (80)

Rock Dog 2017 (Movie)

Bodi (Voice)

2016 American Country Countdown Awards 2015 - 2016 (TV Show)


All We Had 2016 (Movie)

Lee (Actor)

Approaching the Unknown 2016 (Movie)

Louis 'Skinny' Skinner(CapCom) (Actor)

Conan 2014, 2016 (Tv Show)


Outlaws and Angels 2016 (Movie)

Josiah (Actor)

Roadies 2015 - 2016 (TV Show)


The King of Luck 2016 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

The Late Late Show With James Corden 2015 - 2016 (Tv Show)


Concussion 2015 (Movie)

Roger Goodell (Actor)

Dear Eleanor 2015 (Movie)

Bob Potter (Actor)

Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 (Tv Show)


Meadowland 2015 (Movie)

David (Actor)

Ride 2015 (Movie)

Ian (Actor)

Juarez 9 2014 (Movie)

Oattes (Actor)

Late Night with Seth Meyers 2014 (Tv Show)


Playing It Cool 2014 (Movie)

Samson (Actor)

The Late Show With David Letterman 2008, 2010, 2013 - 2014 (Tv Show)


The Skeleton Twins 2014 (Movie)

Lance (Actor)

Drunk History 2013 (Tv Show)


Enlightened 2011 - 2013 (Tv Show)


Satellite Beach 2013 (Movie)


Straight A's 2013 (Movie)

William (Actor)

The X-Files 1997 - 1998, 2012 - 2013 (Tv Show)


Guys Choice 2011 - 2012 (TV Show)


Meeting Evil 2012 (Movie)

John (Actor)

Yellow 2011 (Movie)

Ethan (Actor)

Death at a Funeral 2010 (Movie)

Derek (Actor)

Middle Men 2010 (Movie)

Jack Harris (Actor)

Battle for Terra 2009 (Movie)

Voice of Jim Stanton (Actor)

Henry Poole Is Here 2008 (Movie)

Henry Poole (Actor)

Tenure 2008 (Movie)


3:10 to Yuma 2007 (Movie)

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Blades of Glory 2007 (Movie)

Sex Class Counselor (Actor)

Blonde Ambition 2007 (Movie)

Ben (Actor)

Saturday Night Live 2007 (Tv Show)


The Wendell Baker Story 2007 (Movie)

Wendell Baker (Actor)

Vacancy 2007 (Movie)

David Fox (Actor)

You Kill Me 2007 (Movie)

Tom (Actor)

Hoot 2006 (Movie)

Officer David Delinko (Actor)

Idiocracy 2006 (Movie)

Joe Bowers (Actor)

Jackass: Number Two 2006 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Mini's First Time 2006 (Movie)

John Garson (Actor)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend 2006 (Movie)

Matt Saunders (Actor)

The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards 2005 - 2006 (TV Show)


The 78th Annual Academy Awards 2005 - 2006 (TV Show)


That '70s Show 2002, 2004 - 2005 (Tv Show)


The Family Stone 2005 (Movie)

Ben Stone (Actor)

Anchorman 2004 (Movie)

Frank Vitchard (Actor)

Around the World in 80 Days 2004 (Movie)

Orville Wright (Actor)

Alex & Emma 2003 (Movie)

Alex Sheldon/Adam Shipley (Actor)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 2003 (Movie)

Pete (Actor)

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde 2003 (Movie)

Emmet Richmond (Actor)

Masked & Anonymous 2003 (Movie)

Bobby Cupid (Actor)

Old School 2003 (Movie)

Mitch (Actor)

Stuck on You 2003 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

The 2003 MTV Movie Awards 2002 - 2003 (TV Show)


The Third Wheel 2003 (Movie)

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AFI Awards 2001 2001 - 2002 (TV Show)


The Andy Dick Show 2000 - 2002 (TV Show)


Legally Blonde 2001 (Movie)

Emmett Richmond (Actor)

Soul Survivors 2001 (Movie)

Father Jude (Actor)

The Royal Tenenbaums 2001 (Movie)

Richie Tenenbaum (Actor)

Charlie's Angels 2000 (Movie)

Pete (Actor)

Committed 2000 (Movie)

Carl (Actor)

Kill the Man 2000 (Movie)

Stanley Simon (Actor)

My Dog Skip 2000 (Movie)

Dink Jenkins (Actor)

Bad Seed 1999 (Movie)

Preston Tylk (Actor)

Best Men 1999 (Movie)

Jesse Chandler (Actor)

Blue Streak 1999 (Movie)

Detective Carlson (Actor)

Dog Park 1999 (Movie)

Andy (Actor)

Bongwater 1998 (Movie)

David (Actor)

Home Fries 1998 (Movie)

Dorian (Actor)

Rushmore 1998 (Movie)

Dr Peter Flynn (Actor)

Scream 2 1997 (Movie)

Billy Loomis in 'Stab' (Actor)

Telling Lies in America 1997 (Movie)

Henry (Actor)

Bottle Rocket 1996 (Movie)

Anthony (Actor)

Bottle Rocket 1991 (Movie)

Director (3)

Juarez 9 2014 (Movie)


Satellite Beach 2013 (Movie)


The Wendell Baker Story 2007 (Movie)

Producer (3)

Tower 2016 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)

Satellite Beach 2013 (Movie)


The Wendell Baker Story 2007 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)
Writer (2)

Juarez 9 2014 (Movie)


The Wendell Baker Story 2007 (Movie)



While Luke Wilson looked more the Hollywood leading man than older brother Owen, his tendency toward independent films with smaller audiences often put him in his sibling's shadow. Both brothers got their start in college friend Wes Anderson's student film-turned-cult favorite "Bottle Rocket" (1996), and from the critical success of that fresh and funny heist flick, they were courted by Hollywood. Wilson's significant talent for bringing depth and charm to intellectual melancholics was reduced to roles as all-around good guys - including subcategories of dimwits and cuckolded men - in mainstream comedies like "Legally Blonde" (2001), "Old School" (2003), "The Family Stone" (2005) and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" (2006). His more soulful achievements were lesser-seen, with Wilson re-teaming with Anderson to play an adrift former child prodigy in "The Royal Tenenbaums" (2001) and earning critical favor for the period family drama "My Dog Skip" (2000) and John Dahl's "You Kill Me" (2006). Wilson managed to recreate some of the spark of his screen debut as writer, director and co-star (alongside brother Owen) of the smart comedy "The Wendell Baker Story" (2005), generally remaining below the radar for a string of independent comedies and surfacing every few years to lend support in broad comedies.



French Began dating in June 2003 No longer together

Drew Barrymore Actor

Together from 1996-99 Appeared together in "Best Men" (1997) and "Home Fries" (1998)

Gwyneth Paltrow Actor

Met during filming of "The Royal Tenenbaums" (2001) No longer together

Meg Simpson

Reportedly dating as of October 2008

Owen Wilson Actor

Born Nov. 18, 1968 Collaborated in "Bottle Rocket" (1996), "The Royal Tenenbaums" (2001), and "The Wendell Baker Story" (2005)

Andrew Wilson Actor

Born Aug. 22, 1964 Co-starred with brothers Luke and Owen in "Bottle Rocket" (1996); co-directed "The Wendell Baker Story" (2005) with Luke

Robert Wilson

Operated a public television station

Andrea Wilson Coordinator

Worked at Lisa Kline boutique Had an on-again, off-again relationship since 2004 No longer together

Laura Wilson



St. Mark's School of Texas

Dallas , Texas

Texas Christian University

Fort Worth , Texas

Occidental College

Los Angeles , California



Appeared in the film "Concussion" alongside Will Smith.


Appeared as the husband of Kristen Wiig's character in the critically acclaimed drama "The Skeleton Twins."


Starred alongside Laura Dern on the HBO series "Enlightened."


Starred as Jack Harris, one of the pioneers of internet commerce, in the crime film "Middle Men."


Starred in Mark Pellington's "Henry Poole is Here."


Collaborated with his brothers on "The Wendell Baker Story," co-directing with Andrew and co-starring with Owen.


Co-starred with Kate Beckinsale in the horror film, "Vacancy."


Starred as a regular guy who dumps his superhero girlfriend in Ivan Reitman's comedy "My Super Ex-Girlfriend."


Portrayed a man chosen for a cryogenics project who awakens to future world populated by idiots in Mike Judge's "Idiocracy."


Played the slacker brother of Dermot Mulroney's character in the holiday comedy "The Family Stone."


Cast as Orville Wright in the Disney live action feature "Around the World in 80 Days," co-starring his brother Owen.


Acted alongside Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell in the hit frat house comedy "Old School," directed by Todd Phillips.


Again played Emmett in "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde."


Reprised role for the sequel "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle."


Made rare TV appearance as Ashton Kutchner's older brother in "That '70s Show."


Co-starred with his brother Owen in Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums" as a troubled tennis prodigy.


Cast as Reese Witherspoon's romantic interest in the comedy hit "Legally Blonde."


Appeared in the sleeper hit "My Dog Skip."


Featured as Cameron Diaz's love interest in "Charlie's Angels."


Landed his first leading role in the comedy "Dog Park," which was released theatrically in 2001.


Was featured in the Sundance-screened comedy "Kill the Man."


Made his TV debut as a sheriff in an episode of "The X-Files."


Played the doctor beau of the female lead in "Rushmore," directed by Anderson and co-written by brother Owen.


Appeared in back-to-back romantic films opposite Drew Barrymore, "Best Men" and "Home Fries."


Had supporting role of Calista Flockhart's co-worker in "Telling Lies in America."


Made a cameo appearance in the film-within-the-film in "Scream 2."


Made feature acting debut in full length version of Anderson's "Bottle Rocket."


Co-starred with brother Owen in the short film "Bottle Rocket," directed by Wes Anderson.

Bonus Trivia


Became interested in acting after taking a class on acting at Occidental College.


Met director Wes Anderson through his brother, Owen, who was a classmate of Anderson at the University of Texas at Austin.


Jason Schwartzman on Wilson: "[Luke] always seems like he has it together - all those goddamned Wilsons do. With that jawline, he can do anything." - from Time Out New York, Dec. 6-13, 2001


"There’s something about acting class that’s not right for me," he says finally. "But then the people I love—like Gene Hackman or Jack Nicholson or Nick Nolte—they all studied. I don’t know if I’m too shy or if I’d rather just kinda do it than talk about it." - from, Sept. 10, 2014