Madonna Reaches Number One on Charts Again… With ‘MDNA’

Madonna Reaches Number One on Charts Again… With ‘MDNA’

MadonnaSuperbowl halftime shows and period piece directorial debuts prove that Madonna isn’t going anywhere. And just in case you’re still skeptical after her eventful past year: Madonna’s album MDNA has reached the Number One position on the charts. This is the musical icon’s eighth album to earn this title.

Madonna’s MDNA has not only earned her ample record sales, but also a good deal of controversy. Anti-drug groups protested in response to the album title’s alleged Ecstasy reference (MDMA is a popular abbreviation for the chemical name of Ecstasy). Additionally, controversy arose surrounding Madonna’s video for the MDNA song “Girl Gone Wild,” which featured her dancing provocatively. “I’m supposed to be a ‘Girl Gone Wild’ in the video — how can I go wild and not grind?” Madonna said.

And although controversy does breed attention, that alone cannot account for Madonna’s eighth chart-topping position (and fifth consecutive album to reach that position). Think whatever you will about her image and music, Madonna is clearly one of those rare, timeless phenomena that never seems to get old.


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