Maggie Gyllenhaal

Actor, Writer, Bussed tables
In only a few short years, Maggie Gyllenhaal built a solid reputation as a talented, cerebral actress in independent films. With her non-conformist flair and penchant for examining social issues, Gyllenhaal offered a ... Read more »
Born: 11/15/1977 in New York City, New York, USA


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In only a few short years, Maggie Gyllenhaal built a solid reputation as a talented, cerebral actress in independent films. With her non-conformist flair and penchant for examining social issues, Gyllenhaal offered a different voice of young Hollywood at the start of the millennium. Though a Hollywood native who grew up with filmmaking parents - not to mention entered performing alongside her brother, actor Jake Gyllenhaal - the actress was raised in a household that valued education, intellect and liberal politics. Thanks to her director father, Stephen Gyllenhaal, she gained valuable experience with her first three films, "Waterland" (1992), "A Dangerous Woman" (1993) and "Homegrown" (1998). After co-starring with her brother in the indie hit, "Donnie Darko" (2001), Gyllenhaal came into her own with a daring breakout performance as a woman with a strange addiction to sadomasochism in the independent dark comedy, "Secretary" (2002), which earned the actress her first Golden Globe nomination. Settling into a career that consisted of exemplary performances in such varied films as "Happy Endings" (2005), "Stranger Than Fiction" (2006) and as Rachel Dawes in "The Dark Knight" (2008), Gyllenhaal reached new heights after her Oscar-caliber performance in "Crazy Heart" (2009), which promised even greater things from the talented young actress.


Naomi Foner Screenplay

Born March 15, 1946

Jake Gyllenhaal Actor

Born Dec. 19, 1980 Played brother and sister in "Donnie Darko" (2001)

Stephen Gyllenhaal Director

Born Oct. 4, 1949

Peter Sarsgaard Director

Began dating in 2002 Engaged in 2006 Married May 2, 2009 in Brindisi, Italy

Ramona Sarsgaard

Born Oct. 3, 2006; father, Peter Sarsgaard

Gloria Sarsgaard

Born April 19, 2012; father, Peter Sarsgaard


The Mountain School

Vershire , Vermont
While at Harvard-Westlake she attended a semester away program

Columbia University

New York , New York 1999

Harvard-Westlake School

Los Angeles , California

Columbia University

New York , New York 1999



Played a determined mother alongside Viola Davis in inner city school drama "Won’t Back Down"


Co-starred with Hugh Dancy in the period comedy "Hysteria"


Co-starred with Emma Thompson in the family comedy "Nanny McPhee Returns"


Played a journalist and the love interest of Jeff Bridges's washed up country music star in "Crazy Heart"; earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress


Co-starred with fiance Peter Sarsgaard in the off-Broadway revival of Anton Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya"


Nominated for the 2009 Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role ("Crazy Heart")


Replaced Katie Holmes as Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes in the second installment of Christopher Nolan's revived "Batman" series "The Dark Knight"


Played the wife of a rescued Port Authority officer in Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center"


Portrayed an ex-con in the indie drama "Sherrybaby"; received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress


Played a singer in "Happy Endings"; earned an Independent Spirit Award Nomination for Best Supporting Female


Appeared in "Criminal" with John C. Reilly and Diego Luna


Performed at the Mark Taper Forum in a production of Tony Kushner's "Homebody/ Kabul"


Co-starred in "Mona Lisa Smile" with Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst


Earned widespread acclaim portraying a mentally fragile woman who embarks on a sadomasochistic relationship with her boss in the Sundance hit "Secretary"; received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress


Landed supporting role in the Spike Jonze/Charlie Kaufman comedy "Adaptation"


Played the sister of her real-life brother in "Donnie Darko"


Played supporting role in John Waters' "Cecil B. DeMented"


Acted in "Homegrown," directed by her father and also featured her brother Jake Gyllenhaal


Moved to New York to attend NYU


Made feature acting debut in "Waterland," directed by her father Stephen Gyllenhaal


Moved with family to Los Angeles, CA

Bonus Trivia


"Someone asked me why I didn't do teen movies or actiony movies, but I'm not interested in them, and they're not interested in me either!" – Gyllenhaal to Vanity Fair, August 2002


"Hollywood right now is really focused on movies that will appeal to tons and tons of people by being kind of benign, but I think there's a way to appeal to tons and tons of people by being astounding. And I would love to be in a movie like that!" – Gyllenhaal to Movieline magazine, October 2002


"I've realised that the only way to make movies that you're proud of, that don't fall into the sentimental bullsh*t that so many movies fall into, is to fight. You have to fight. So many people are willing to sleepwalk through things and fall into the not human, not interesting choice. To make the really interesting choice, you have to fight." – Gyllenhaal quoted to The Guardian, May 9, 2003


"My parents were never celebrities," she says. "They worked on movies, that was their job. And seeing them go up and down in that world makes me a little wary of buying into all the attention I’ve been getting recently." – Gyllenhaal to NYLON magazine, May 2004


"For so long I was told I wasn't sexy enough or beautiful enough. It felt confusing and painful." – Gyllenhaal to Entertainment Weekly, Aug. 4, 2006


Gyllenhaal on becoming a mother and turning 30: "I feel ready to be in my body and be a woman in a different way, and be an actress in a different way." – from Vanity Fair, May 2008