Marcel Dalio

Born: 07/16/1900 in Paris, FR


Actor (69)

The Man You Loved to Hate 1978 (Movie)


Chaussette Surprise 1977 (Movie)

Mr Leglise (Actor)

L' Honorable Societe 1977 (Movie)

Marcel (Actor)

Le Paradis des Riches 1977 (Movie)

Mathieu (Actor)

La Communion Solennelle 1976 (Movie)

Charles (Actor)

Une Page d'Amour 1976 (Movie)

Fanney's Father (Actor)

L' Aile et la Cuisse 1975 (Movie)

Tailor (Actor)

L' Ombre des Chateaux 1975 (Movie)

Pere Renard (Actor)

La Bete 1974 (Movie)

Duc (Actor)

Le Faux-Cul 1974 (Movie)

Cohen (Actor)

Le Doigt dans l'oeil 1973 (Movie)


The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob 1972 (Movie)

Rabbi Jacob (Actor)

Ursule et Grelu 1972 (Movie)

Waiter (Actor)

Aussi Loin Que L'Amour 1970 (Movie)

Boss (Actor)

Les Yeux Fermes 1970 (Movie)

Bourgeois (Actor)

The Great White Hope 1970 (Movie)

French Promoter (Actor)

Justine 1969 (Movie)

French Consul General (Actor)

How Sweet It Is 1968 (Movie)

Louis (Actor)

How to Steal a Million 1966 (Movie)

Senor Paravideo (Actor)

La Vingt-cinquieme heure 1966 (Movie)


Lady L 1966 (Movie)

Sapper (Actor)

Made in Paris 1965 (Movie)

Georges (Actor)

Cartouche 1964 (Movie)

Malichot (Actor)

Wild and Wonderful 1964 (Movie)

Dr Reynard (Actor)

Donovan's Reef 1963 (Movie)

Father Cluzeot (Actor)

The Big Risk 1963 (Movie)

Arthur Gibelin (Actor)

The List of Adrian Messenger 1963 (Movie)

Max (Actor)

The Devil at 4 O'Clock 1961 (Movie)

Gaston (Actor)

Can-Can 1960 (Movie)

Headwaiter (Actor)

Jessica 1960 (Movie)

Luigi Ruffi (Actor)

Song Without End 1960 (Movie)

Chelard (Actor)

Pillow Talk 1959 (Movie)

Pierot (Actor)

Hell Bent For Glory 1958 (Movie)

Drillmaster (Actor)

The Man Who Understood Women 1958 (Movie)

Le Marne (Actor)

The Perfect Furlough 1958 (Movie)

Henri (Actor)

China Gate 1957 (Movie)

Father Paul (Actor)

The Sun Also Rises 1957 (Movie)

Zizi (Actor)

Anything Goes 1956 (Movie)


Miracle in the Rain 1956 (Movie)

Waiter (Actor)

Razzia 1956 (Movie)

Liski (Actor)

Ten Thousand Bedrooms 1956 (Movie)

Vittorio Cisini (Actor)

Lucky Me 1954 (Movie)

Anton (Actor)

Sabrina 1954 (Movie)

Baron (Actor)

Flight to Tangier 1953 (Movie)

Gogo (Actor)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953 (Movie)

Magistrate (Actor)

The Happy Time 1952 (Movie)

Grandpere Bonnard (Actor)

Lovely to Look At 1951 (Movie)

Pierre (Actor)

The Snows of Kilimanjaro 1951 (Movie)


To Have and Have Not 1944 (Movie)

Gerard/Frenchy (Actor)

Casablanca 1942 (Movie)

Croupier (Actor)

The Song of Bernadette 1942 (Movie)


Joan of Paris 1941 (Movie)


Pepe Le Moko 1941 (Movie)

The (Actor)

The Rules of the Game 1939 (Movie)

Marquis Robert De La Chesnaye (Actor)

Grand Illusion 1938 (Movie)

Rosenthal (Actor)

A Bell for Adano (Movie)

Zito (Actor)

Flesh and Fantasy (Movie)

Clown (Actor)

Flight Lieutenant (Movie)

Faulet (Actor)

Les Maudits (Movie)

Larga (Actor)

Nous Irons a Monte Carlo (Movie)

Poulos (Actor)

On the Riviera (Movie)

Philippe Lebrix (Actor)

Pin-Up Girl (Movie)

Headwaiter (Actor)

Rich, Young and Pretty (Movie)

Claude Duval (Actor)

The Conspirators (Movie)

Croupier (Actor)

The Constant Nymph (Movie)

Georges (Actor)

The Pied Piper (Movie)

Foquet (Actor)

Tonight We Raid Calais (Movie)

Jacques Grandet (Actor)

Unholy Partners (Movie)

Molyneaux (Actor)

Wilson (Movie)

Georges Clemenceau (Actor)



Film acting debut